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War-Planning for Resolution Success

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Depending on whose fitness and nutrition advice you choose to listen to, you will definitely be getting different inputs and perspectives about what you should be doing to best set your new year’s goals and “finally achieve” that elusive weight loss.

The thing is, no one is actually right or wrong in what they are telling you – almost. Different approaches can be motivating for different people depending on many factors. That said, there are definitely a few key things that must be considered for any plan to truly work.

Set Yourself Up For Success

At the root of resolution success is how you set yourself up from the very beginning. Even if your goal is a really big one that feels like it will take forever to achieve doesn’t mean that you cannot be successful. If you have a few key pieces in place anyone can achieve any goal.

Do you have:

  • Realistic expectations as to what you are able to commit yourself to relative to the demands of your current life
  • Appropriate time frames to achieve this goal
  • Strategies that will work for YOU (something you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life)
  • A War-Plan

Click here to download your free War-Plan Template

Creating Your War-Plan

Step One

There is one overarching goal you have at the back of your mind already, I know it. It could be a certain number lost on the scale, a pair of jeans you’d like to fit into again, or maybe it’s a feeling of love and acceptance for yourself. No matter what it is, write that down now.

Now, forget about it.

You heard me right; push that big kahuna to the back of your mind. Obsessing every week over how much closer you are to reaching that goal can make it seem a million miles away. Instead, what you’re going to do is focus your efforts.

Step Two

The thing is, you already know what you have to change.

Everyone I sit down with already has a really solid idea of the things they are doing that is not serving them.

It’s the execution of change that you need my help with.

Choose one small thing that you feel 9/10 confident that you can be successful at doing this week – something that will take you one baby step closer to the big kahuna.

Honesty with yourself is crucial at this stage – you’re fooling no one by biting off more than you can chew, especially yourself.

Where you will run into trouble is simply taking on too much too fast in a life that is not set up to support such an overhaul. Trust me when I tell you the smaller the better.

Goal Setting

Step Three

Break down this goal into 3 action steps that you will take this week to achieve your goal. What are three things you can do to make sure that this happens? Now you have your War-Plan, and all you have to do is go and execute.

Step Four

Repeat this every week until you reach the big kahuna. Course correct along the way, make notes on what worked, what didn’t, when your goal was too large to achieve, or too easy. By doing this you will very quickly learn a couple things about yourself:

Are you willing to play the long game?

Whether you are willing to play the long game to achieve your goals in a sustainable way. If you’re not, you will figure this out really quickly.

Consistency is greater than intensity. Meaning, if you can be consistent for long enough you will ultimately always succeed. If you are too intense too fast, you might be setting yourself up for failure without even realizing it.

Greater intensity doesn’t mean greater motivation and commitment.

What is realistic?

How much you can manage each week within the confines of your current lifestyle and still be successful in its execution. Meaning, how much is too much? If you cannot reasonably go to the gym 4 days a week because you have a million other things on the go, this should never be one of your goals.

Put it this way – planning to workout 3 days a week and then ACTUALLY going to the gym 3 days a week is a lot better than planning to workout 4 days per week, feeling frustrated that you cannot make this work with your schedule and then only getting in 1 or 2 workouts per week because you are feeling discouraged and unmotivated that you don’t have the “willpower” to stick to your resolution.

Hint: willpower is not the problem here.

Cliché as it is, if the goal is worth having it’s worth working for. Your path will never be a linear one, so why do we set that expectation?

You are human. You will never ever in a million years be perfect and achieve your goals without learning some hard lessons along the way.

If you need a little more guidance, click here to download my free War-Plan Template. It will walk you through these steps in a really easy way!

Consider what will happen if nothing changes for you a year from now. Isn’t it more appealing to start in a way that feels manageable now, make really bad-ass consistent slow and steady progress and then end up where you want to be this time next year?

We get caught thinking “I’m either all in or all out” – but this is the wrong mindset to take. Instead reframe this into “always something, never nothing.” This mantra will help to solidify the foundational habits that success is built upon.

On January 29th join us in the 6 Weeks to Love Yourself Naked challenge and set yourself up for success this year!

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