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The Mystical Summer Bod

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There’s no question about it, summer is approaching – fast! Now is the time of year where we pull our crumpled bikinis from the depths of our dresser drawers and swear to ourselves that we will rock the sh*t out of them this year. That this is the summer where you will fit the high waisted short shorts you bought but never quite felt comfortable wearing. This is the year that you will be able to go for ice cream with your friends or enjoy a patio beer without feeling guilty for the indulgence.

If you want to achieve that mystical summer bod you have been chasing year after year, there are a few key steps you need to follow – none of which have nothing to do with how much cardio you do.

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Adopt a Flexible Lifestyle

Flexibility in your life is not what the name implies. Flexibility is not simply eating what you want and claiming that you are being “flexible” – no. Flexible living means that you have a well laid plan, but when life happens you have the skills to navigate and not get sucked into the downward spiral of guilt, shame and “f*ck it” eating to compensate for that. Aka: you can keep it together when plans change.

This is an invaluable skill to navigate summer successfully. When it gets nice out people start throwing plans around like confetti as social lives ramp up on the weekends. How will you deal when you have a BBQ Friday night, brunch date on Sunday, and patio drinks once or twice in between the two? You will adjust on the fly. You will not say “f*** it” – you will open your toolbox and find a way to make it work. This will likely require some restraint but will never require you to miss out completely. For more specific guidance on a situation by situation basis download The Secret Playbook to Making Any Diet Work.

Become More Mindful

Each week, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What events do you already have on your calendar?
  2. What are things that could pop up unexpectedly?
  3. What am I going to do when these things come up (because they will)?
  4. How can I adjust my week to allow for more flexibility on those days?

Anticipation of these events and possible roadblocks puts the ball back in your court. It gives you the opportunity to decide which of them you plan to indulge a little, and which ones you can rein in. It gives you power over the situation by giving you the chance to plan for and think through these previously impossible nutritional barriers instead of “winging it” and spinning your wheels.

Mindfulness also extends into each situation through adoption of the mantra “you can’t always control what, but you can always control how much”. No matter what social outing you find yourself in this summer, remember that you always have a choice in how much you indulge. Having one patio beer can quickly turn into 6 and a donair if you don’t approach that outing in a flexible and mindful way.

Enjoy Exercise Again

Summer is a great time to re-discover all the forms of exercise that you haven’t been able to enjoy in the glacier that was our reality over the last 8 months. Finding a way to become more active outside is one of the best ways to claim power over your summer bod.

Pre-summer: find a community that you feel connected to – this will keep your motivations high leading into summer to really push it and ramp up your exercise routine in a new way. Try new classes with friends, establish a realistic training schedule that you feel super confident you can stick to, but mostly find something you actually look forward to doing.

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During summer: get outside in the sun! It will be gone before we know it, so get that booty on a bike hiking some trails, walking the neighborhood, joining a park bootcamp, or climbing some stairs. Anything to get that heart-rate up and good endorphins flowing with the added benefit of feel good vitamin D.

Work On The Inside As Much As The Outside

The most important thing you can do now to get ready to embrace your summer bod is to realize that you literally don’t have to change anything physically to be happy.

Real change starts with how you feel about yourself as you are right now.

You can always strive to better yourself, live a healthier lifestyle, lose a little weight, and feel more confident. But you need to understand that none of that will be possible without first learning how to love and accept yourself.

This starts with gratitude. Begin writing 3 things every morning that you are grateful for in your life and listing 3 things at the end of each day that were wins for you. As time goes on you will realize how simply living a more grateful life can actually shift beliefs you currently hold about yourself and problems you thought you had.

Be Real With Yourself

Do not make so many changes at once that you have to white-knuckle it to summer because it’s 3 months away and you want to lose 20lbs – if you do this you are going to be right back where you are next year. Wouldn’t you rather make smaller changes that you can sustain for the rest of your life? Ones that will allow you to continue to progress all the way through summer and into the next year towards a fitter, but more importantly a happier, you?

Ask yourself this question: Can I do this for the rest of my life? If the answer is no – then don’t even start.

You love carbs, but you heard keto is the way to go? Don’t do it.

You love meat, but you heard vegan is the answer? Don’t do it.

Don’t do anything that doesn’t feel sustainable, authentic to you, or is restrictive in nature. Everyone thinks that “if I can just lose that first 10lbs then I can go back to eating XYZ”. But this is why only 5% of people who lose weight actually keep it off. Because you are not going to be the exception to the rule! It will never work this way for you. If you lose weight, and go back to your current eating habits, your body will return to its current state. You can’t trick your body.

Instead, each week outline one goal you will work towards that will bring you closer to where you want to be. Something small and without a shadow of a doubt completely achievable. This might be adding protein into breakfast or adding a veggie at lunch. It might be drinking 1L more water each day, or hitting the gym 1 extra time this week. Whatever it is, you will build on it. Week after week after week until over time you have adopted a completely new way of life without even realizing it was happening!

Now go forth and live your life! Embrace summer (and your body) in all its glory.
If you want to strategize more, text (780) 965-2385 and let’s chat!

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