A shout-out and loud cheer to L2 Fitness and Laura Poburan, my trainer!

I just sent in my 25th check-in and I am ready to brag a bit. I did not like the way I looked in photos taken at my youngest son’s graduation in June and thru the month of July I did a lot of self-talking and then, during a lunch-time walk around my work-neighbourhood, I happened upon L2. Made a spur of the moment decision and walked in. Met Laura and Landon. Laura laid out her plan and let me go to think things over. A couple days later, I committed and have not looked back. I have lost more than 30 lbs, my waist is more than 16cm smaller…I could go on and on – suffice to say everything is tighter except my clothes! Last weekend I managed a chin-up on an assist-machine at the lowest counter-weight ever or, as Laura says, my new PR. My goal has long been to do at least one chin-up (that, and fit all the clothes in my closet!). Not quite there – still need an assist, but I will get there. Am now working on my deadlift PRs and continuing to lose another 15ish pounds before maintenance. THANK YOU L2 FITNESS! This has been one of the easiest, most rewarding experiences in re-engaging with “fit me” that I have ever had!

Laurie Hodge

I have learned so much since I began training with Laura and Landon.

They are both so knowledgeable in all things nutrition and fitness, and through L2 they have created an environment that really fosters success and personal well-being. Laura took me on as a client in September 2013. Since then she has worked with me through dietary restrictions, and physical limitations from previous injuries. I feel like my strength and my confidence grows after each of our sessions! I am also an avid supporter of L2 bootcamps, where Laura and Landon somehow manage to create workouts that are always different and always challenging – they are the best type of therapy! I am lucky to have Laura and Landon in my corner, helping to guide me towards my goals.

Maron Green

I just wanted to say I’m so glad I have you as a trainer.

It’s crazy to know that before I started with you I was crazy scared of carbs, I would eat like 2 pieces of bread a week because carbs were the enemy. It insane to know that know I eat more carbs then I ever have and I’m seeing more progress than ever. It truly a great feeling not to feel guilty for eating whatever I want, before that was a real struggle for me. I’m so over joyed with everything you’ve done for me, you have put fitness and food in a whole new world for me and I absolutely love it all. I can’t appreciate you enough! Thank you so much Laura <3

Casandra Chambers

I’ve been to a lot of trainers before, and Landon and Laura surpass them all in every way possible.

They truly care about their clients and are with them every step of the way. Not only do they push you towards progress, but they always remind you of how far you have come and the improvement that’s been made. They are super encouraging, supportive, and just all around amazing trainers and people. I would highly recommend them to anyone.


Landon has been a great coach from day one.

I received a clear and easy to follow plan, and all the support and encouragement to follow through. One of the toughest things in life is to trust a stranger with you own wellbeing. I knew I made the right choice in Landon after our first session- he was not only interested in getting me into my best aesthetic shape, he was adamant that we do it in a healthy and sustainable way. Our weekly training sessions are always my best workouts as Landon always pushes me to squeeze out those extra few reps. I can literally feel the gains! I always thought I was fit and knowledgeable, but I can honestly say that I could not be where I am now without Landon. I only wish i had met and hired him sooner. I highly recommend Landon for any person looking to compete or simply to achieve and sustain a healthier lifestyle.

Cecilia Field

I began working with Dean Guedo, one of the personal trainers at L2 Fitness after I was referred by a good friend. After years of experiencing chronic muscle pain and hip mobility issues I was very hesitant to try another personal trainer. In the past, I was never able to see any improvement in my pain with other trainers. It was different at L2 Fitness. Dean provided me with a free movement assessment and within 20 minutes he was not only able to identify potential sources of my issues but also run me through a few exercises that provided noticeable improvement. After that, I signed up. It has only been a few months but the pain is almost completely gone. I would highly recommend L2 Fitness to anyone looking for a personal trainer.

Shawn S.