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Social Media’s Influence on Self-Love

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It sounds like it’s sprinkled with unicorn dust and rainbow sparkles doesn’t it?

Well, in my humble opinion I think this world could use a LOT more of it.

Social media is ruining the perceptions we have about ourselves.

We scan through our favorite fitness accounts and instantly judge ourselves against the arms, legs, and booty we see because “this is what I need to look like to be happy and feel fit” – right?

You’re forgetting one tiny little detail – this thing we fit pros like to call Genetics.

The fact of the matter is, you can work for arms like Jennifer Aniston, but you will very likely never actually achieve Aniston arms for the simple fact that you are built completely differently than her! Just like you can’t watch the VS fashion show and think – “if I just diet long enough I can look like that too”.

The thing is – even if by some miracle you do achieve a VS Model look, your self-perception will be so skewed by the time you get there that you won’t even realize it.

One other little detail is this other thing us fit pros like to call Filters – every body part you are swooning over on social media has been FILTERED. No one actually looks like that! We know this! But we don’t care. We hold ourselves up to that standard anyways even though we know that it’s not fucking real!

Why do we do this to ourselves? Make ourselves feel bad for not looking a certain way, hang our happiness hat on our physical appearance and never feel proud of ourselves until we achieve a certain look.

I propose a change.

  1. Stop comparing yourself to people on social media. If you can’t, then unfollow all of the accounts that make you feel bad about yourself. Comparison is poison to self-acceptance and being happy with yourself as you are.
  2. Stop believing all of the negative things you tell yourself. Thoughts are not truths.
    Try this…the next time you tell yourself something awful ask yourself if you would tell your best friend that same thing. You either wouldn’t or you’re not very nice to your friends.
  3. Join the Self Love Collective and learn how to show yourself more love, patience, grace, and acceptance for the month of February.

You’re totally awesome, and it’s time you started believing that yourself.

Join the Self Love Collective with L2 Fitness and Lululemon!

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