Nutrition Coaching

With our guidance you will never have to feel lost or confused about food again.

Online Nutrition Coaching

You’ve done it before, but this time it’s different. You need a plan that doesn’t feel boring or restrictive. You need something that finally “sticks”.

Your coach will meet you where you are, help you through your unique barriers and cut through the noise that usually leads to confusion, stress and overwhelm.

You are unique, and therefore so should your nutrition be. Here’s why we’re different and what you can expect:

  • Bi-weekly strategy sessions via the phone scheduled as needed
  • Weekly accountability emails with the intent to
    • Ensure achievable goals have been set and strategies are in place for their successful execution
    • Review weekly progress markers with subsequent plan revisions if needed
    • Strategize with your coach for successful navigation of upcoming plan adherence barriers
  • Monthly membership to the L2 Collective/Inner Circle where you can ask questions daily
  • Progress reports from your coach in a clear and concise document outlining exactly where you started, where you currently are, and your next steps moving forward
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In-Person Nutrition Coaching

Work in-person with your coach to lay the groundwork for life-long freedom from nutrition stress and confusion.

You want to reach your weight loss goals in a way that doesn’t feel restrictive or cookie cutter, we get that!

We want to help you create new habits and behaviors around food while also working towards achieving a healthier relationship with food and with your own body image. This is for you if you are ready to commit to taking small steps that add up to big results – to forget fast and focus on forever.

In one 30 to 60 minute strategy session per week, we will:

  • Set weekly goals and outline key customized strategies for success
  • Review of weekly plan adherence and execution with subsequent education on how to effectively course correct for lasting progress
  • Track and analyze weekly progress markers with subsequent plan revisions if needed
  • Strategize for upcoming plan adherence barriers
  • Education on key foundational concepts and strategies that will carry over into lifelong success
  • Mindset and body image coaching with the intent of developing food freedom and a healthy relationship with oneself
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