Personal Training Services

We work very closely with you to provide all the tools necessary to reach your goals.

In return we expect your commitment, consistency, and constant communication throughout the process to ensure your progression. Every plan we create is done on a very individual and personal basis in order to best suit your goals and your lifestyle. We develop your training program and your nutrition plan in concert with each other as a means of providing you the opportunity to achieve your best results possible.

Private Personal Training

Private personal training includes weekly in-studio training session(s) which can be complimented by a nutrition plan and training program customized to suit your specific needs and goals. We strongly recommend one-on-one sessions for novice to the weight room requiring a little extra guidance.

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Semi-Private Personal Training

Encourage your friends and family to join you in-studio with your coach while still realizing the benefits of a customized feel with your training and nutrition. Training alongside those you feel comfortable (and sometimes a little competitive) with can encourage a higher training intensity!

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Group Strength Training

If you want to lift heavy weights with a small group of like-minded awesome people then consider joining our Group Strength classes. You’ll receive a high-level private coaching experience at a fraction of the cost. Pre-registration is required to secure your spot.

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Hybrid Training

Hybrid training can be defined as a unique concept in which you combine two seemingly opposite training types. In our case we are combining strength training with endurance training!

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Move Better Get Stronger

We will focus on dynamic stretching, increasing range of motion and myofascial release techniques that you will also be able to utilize at home. This class will not be high intensity, but will focus on helping the body function more efficiently and prepare for the next week of training.

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Come ready to sweat! This will be a fast paced HIIT style class, meant to compliment your weight training during the week with some extra conditioning. Leave feeling empowered and strong as you spend an hour on the turf training like a strongman!

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Nutrition Coaching

Private, small group and online nutrition coaching is available to help you reach your weight loss of muscle building goals. With this plan you will be held accountable to your nutrition plan through weekly check-ins with your coach.

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Online Coaching

You will be provided, via email, with a nutrition plan and training program customized to their specific goals cohesive with their current training experience. Communication is vital to ensure proper progression, weekly check-ins are expected from to facilitate this effectively.

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