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2017-08-07 by Landon Poburan

Hack Your Weight Loss Success

If you are looking to succeed you must first create the environment that will allow you to succeed. I was discussing this with a good friend who is a successful author. We were discussing how our environment impacts our success and productivity. I think this is an extremely valuable strategy that most people are not… View Article

2017-07-26 by Landon Poburan

This is how I used to market myself…

Our industry is broken and I used to be part of the problem. When I first got into bodybuilding and personal training my physique was the primary way that I marketed myself. Essentially you’re telling people to give you money because you’re shredded (or got shredded). My tune has changed over the last few years… View Article

2017-06-07 by Landon Poburan

Patience is key, hard work is required

Everything good in life requires patience and hard work. It was April of 2016, Laura and myself were looking to purchase a Glute Ham Raise for L2 Fitness. We stood at Lucki’s staring at a brand new Atlantis GHR with white paint and slate upholstery. They had just brought this in for a customer and brought… View Article

2016-12-13 by Laura Poburan

The Most Honest Top 6 Reasons You’re Not Succeeding

1. Your goal is unachievable “I want abs in 8 weeks”, “I want a booty like Kim for the summer”, “I want Obama arms for my wedding in a month”…unattainable timelines are the ultimate downfall for many people when they set out on a new training or nutrition program. Taking the all-or-nothing approach is only… View Article

2016-12-20 by Landon Poburan

Alcohol Impact on Weight Loss Goals

Can I drink and still lose weight? What is the best drink to have? It’s Christmas this weekend and I am going to have some wine, what should I do? These are all questions we have had or heard. I am going to answer all of them for you. If your in a rush and… View Article

2016-12-29 by Laura Poburan

Re-think Your Resolution

“I’ll start in January…” A phrase that we, as coaches, hear endlessly throughout the month of December as our schedules dwindle due to all of your other engagements, commitments, and social events pulling you in a million directions over the holidays. Here’s the honest truth about it though – Good. Wait until January. I’ll be… View Article

2017-01-24 by Laura Poburan

“Normal” is a Dangerous Thing to Be

Your Normal Before you can start to make changes in your life, you first need to define what is “normal” to you. Take a step back and look big picture. If your goal is weight loss, your current “normal” is maybe a big reason for why you have a weight loss goal at all. It’s… View Article

2017-02-02 by Laura Poburan

The scale can be a real B…

You’ve heard it said before: “the scale lies”, “don’t trust the scale”, blah blah blah. But being human, we always resort back to using that number as a justification that all our hard work those previous seven days was well worth it.  As women especially, we develop an emotional connection to that number. We allow… View Article

2016-11-16 by Laura Poburan

Get Ahead of the Holiday Bulge

You’ve been working your butt off in the gym for months, bringing your lunch to work every day, cooking healthy meals with your family instead of ordering take-out, eating more fruits and vegetables, getting in protein at every meal. You even successfully avoided ordering a grande pumpkin spice latte every morning these past two months!… View Article

2016-01-29 by Landon Poburan

The Importance of the Scale

We educate all of our clients on how many factors affect weigh-ins and how important it is to be aware of, and understand them. This weekend we bought a new bathroom scale. As I was flipping through the manual they even have a section on this exact thing with some great notes outlining: A scale… View Article

2016-02-12 by Landon Poburan

Tips for Healthy Eating at Restaurants

Going out to eat at a restaurant can be a source of stress for those on a weight loss plan. However, it does not have to be. Frequently eating out can definitely make things more difficult but by following some tips you can save yourself a lot of stress, and calories. Some individuals simply have… View Article

2016-02-25 by Landon Poburan

My Traveling Nutrition Tips

This past weekend Laura and I were in Regina. We drove down Friday, and came home on Sunday. We implemented a few key strategies so that we would stay on track with our nutrition while away. Just because we are busy or away for a weekend does not mean we throw our nutrition out the window…. View Article

2016-04-13 by Landon Poburan

Desiree’s Success Story

If you think you will never reach your goals, think again. My client Desiree thought the same thing when she started working with me. She couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. But Des kept her head down, showed up and put the work in and the pictures tell the rest of… View Article

2016-10-04 by Landon Poburan

How To Reduce Stress Around Weight Loss

At one point or another many of us focus on one of the following: health, nutrition or weight loss. My goal is to change the way you think about these and show you strategies to reduce the large stress that they can bring. The theory behind weight loss is more simple than everyone leads you to believe. The application, however,… View Article