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2018-02-23 by Landon Poburan

How To Maintain or Lose Weight While Traveling

Travel and vacation are two of the most common barriers to weight loss success. Why is that? Change in routine. Many of us are solid when we have our structured routine with our pre-planned meals but when we are thrown a curve ball it’s like pulling the bottom block when playing jenga, everything falls apart…. View Article

2018-02-01 by Landon Poburan

Your Guide When To Eat At Home and When Not Too

Learning to cook can be one of the single most positive changes you can make on your weight loss journey. But I would argue there are times when you are better off going out. When To Stay In and Cook In a recent article I wrote about a single restaurant swap can save you over… View Article

2018-01-29 by Laura Poburan

The Reason Why Willpower is Bullshit

Don’t get me wrong, willpower is great…when you have lots of it. The problem lies in the fact that just about all of us live extremely busy hectic nuts-o lives that drains our willpower by the minute. Every stressor in your life pulls from that willpower tank, until there’s none left to fuel your well-intentioned… View Article

2018-01-26 by Landon Poburan

Restaurants Swaps Are The Key To Sustainable Weight Loss

Ever struggled to stay on track with your weight loss plan when eating at restaurants?  Yes? This is for you. Simple and easy meal swaps at restaurants are the key to sustained and long term weight loss. You Eat Out More Than You Think This is a very common barrier. Let’s think of all of the… View Article

2018-01-21 by Laura Poburan

The Power of Community & Weight Loss

Here’s the thing, we are all literally in this together. Navigating nutrition is hard. Losing weight and keeping it off – hard. Figuring out what approach is going to be right for you, sticking to it every week, standing back up after you fall, not getting frustrated or impatient, refraining from throwing the scale through… View Article

2018-01-14 by Laura Poburan

Shifting your Mindset to Accelerate your Results

Your mind is powerful. Your body achieves what the mind believes blah blah blah. There are so many phrases like this out there. Cliché, but they’re actually very, very true. Something that is built in to all of my nutrition coaching strategy sessions is what you are doing daily to benefit your mindset around food… View Article

2018-01-08 by Laura Poburan

War-Planning for Resolution Success

Depending on whose fitness and nutrition advice you choose to listen to, you will definitely be getting different inputs and perspectives about what you should be doing to best set your new year’s goals and “finally achieve” that elusive weight loss. The thing is, no one is actually right or wrong in what they are… View Article

2017-12-22 by Landon Poburan

3 Lessons From My 11 LB Weight Gain in Mexico

On Dec. 8, 2017 I weighed 188.9 lb the day before I left for vacation. On Dec. 17, 2017 I weighed 200.1 lb the day after returning from vacation. You can do the math. It’s 11.2 lb if you can’t. Did I workout? Yes. I trained 4 times while I was away. Did I stay… View Article

2017-10-15 by Landon Poburan

Maintenance – Start With the End in Mind

Is your goal to diet forever? I didn’t think so. With the end in mind, the goal is to shed unwanted body fat, reach a point in which we are happy and then maintain. Or shift towards a different goal. The Ultimate Goal The ultimate goal is living a balanced life. Free of food focus… View Article

2017-10-07 by Landon Poburan

Thanksgiving Nutrition Tips – Eat the Pie!

Let’s get things straight. You will never hear me tell you not to eat pie… When your Grandma makes you pie, you eat the damn pie! She’s old, don’t break her heart! It’s that time of year again. We just recovered from all the summer bbq’s and now the holiday season is upon us. Thanksgiving… View Article

2017-09-26 by Landon Poburan

Do You Need To Track Carbs and Fats for Hypertrophy

Today we are talking about hypertrophy (muscle growth) and what impact our macronutrients have. This is following up on my last article where I outlined if we need to track our carbs and fats for weight loss. If you missed that one, give it a read. Most people believe that health and weight loss are… View Article

2017-09-20 by Landon Poburan

Do you Need to Track Carbs and Fats for Weight Loss?

Previously I wrote about increasing your flexibility and using calorie tracking ranges, today we will discuss the importance of carbs and fats for weight loss. TLDR If you want to lose weight: eat in a caloric deficit, hit your protein and let the carbs and fats fall where they may to maximize adherence. Most Important… View Article

2017-09-10 by Landon Poburan

Using Calorie Tracking Ranges

Do you track? Tracking your caloric and/or macro’s can be a powerful tool, one that we advocate. When it comes to living flexibly there are a number of ways we can do things. Often people will track their macro’s (protein, carbs and fats) to follow their diet. But trying to hit these exactly can be very… View Article

2017-08-27 by Landon Poburan

Is Coconut Oil Healthy?

Coconut oil, is it worthy of the hype? Whether your cooking with it, bathing with it or eating it with a spoon I am here to give you the down low on this often highly touted food. What is Coconut Oil? Let’s start with the basics. Coconut Oil is an oil product derived from coconuts…. View Article

2017-08-18 by Landon Poburan

5 Foods To Stop Eating Immediately

If you talk to 5 people you will get 5 different responses. Let me help you filter the noise. Here is a list of 5 foods you need to stop eating immediately. The One’s You Do not Like You can use this super useless acronym TOYDL, pronounced “toy-dull” if you ever forget. Next time your choking… View Article

2017-08-14 by Landon Poburan

Nutrition On the Go – Tips and Tricks

It happened again… It is inevitably going to happen to you as well. On Saturday, we ran out of food. We are huge advocates for food prep, hacking your life and being prepared. But shit happens. We had prepped our food for the week but did not have enough to last us Saturday. We were going… View Article

2017-07-26 by Landon Poburan

This is how I used to market myself…

Our industry is broken and I used to be part of the problem. When I first got into bodybuilding and personal training my physique was the primary way that I marketed myself. Essentially you’re telling people to give you money because you’re shredded (or got shredded). My tune has changed over the last few years… View Article

2016-11-30 by Laura Poburan

Update Your Coach!

Checking in with your coach is likely the absolute most important, yet the most often overlooked, factor in your long term progress. As your coach I will have a file for you, as I do with all my clients. In that file I keep notes about what we discuss in and out of our sessions,… View Article

2016-12-08 by Landon Poburan

Sugar & Candy: Our Nutrition Approach

Why is sugar so easy to overeat? Because it is calorie-dense. In simple terms this means that a very small amount of sugar has a lot of calories. This photo represents 1 serving of candy. This is 40 grams of Swedish Berries (with a couple of Fuzzy Peaches) and it contains 140 calories. Let’s compare… View Article

2016-11-16 by Laura Poburan

Get Ahead of the Holiday Bulge

You’ve been working your butt off in the gym for months, bringing your lunch to work every day, cooking healthy meals with your family instead of ordering take-out, eating more fruits and vegetables, getting in protein at every meal. You even successfully avoided ordering a grande pumpkin spice latte every morning these past two months!… View Article

2016-02-05 by Landon Poburan

The Impact of Food Volume

January 25th was Laura’s birthday. I took full advantage and combined her birthday and my love for baking and voila… The result is a 4-layer chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese filling and coated with a chocolate ganache. Now only a coach like myself would take a piece of chocolate cake and make it educational!… View Article

2016-02-12 by Landon Poburan

Tips for Healthy Eating at Restaurants

Going out to eat at a restaurant can be a source of stress for those on a weight loss plan. However, it does not have to be. Frequently eating out can definitely make things more difficult but by following some tips you can save yourself a lot of stress, and calories. Some individuals simply have… View Article

2016-02-25 by Landon Poburan

My Traveling Nutrition Tips

This past weekend Laura and I were in Regina. We drove down Friday, and came home on Sunday. We implemented a few key strategies so that we would stay on track with our nutrition while away. Just because we are busy or away for a weekend does not mean we throw our nutrition out the window…. View Article