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2017-01-01 by Laura Poburan

Listen Up, YEG! – 8 Week Challenge

For the first time, L2HQ is running an 8 week challenge to get y’all committed to yourselves this year. This challenge is all about creating new habits and behaviours, shifting our mindset about weight loss, and of course lifting a tonne of weight and having a butt load of fun with us! You will work… View Article

2016-09-14 by Landon Poburan

How to stay motivated during a training injury

Injuries suck. If you are recovering from an injury, I feel for you. I have been there and currently am there. It can really zap your motivation and the intensity out of your training. But what do we do? This post isn’t going to be one of those motivational workout videos where you watch it, it gets… View Article

2017-02-07 by Laura Poburan

What Self Love Means to Me

This week as a part of our self-love movement I encourage each of you to write me a little blurb about what self-love really means to you. Here’s what it means to me… At the root of it, to me self-love is equivalent to self-acceptance. To recognizing there are things you want to change about… View Article