Carbs and Fats for Weight Loss
2017-09-20 by Landon Poburan

Do you Need to Track Carbs and Fats for Weight Loss?

Previously I wrote about increasing your flexibility and using calorie tracking ranges, today we will discuss the importance of carbs and fats for weight loss. TLDR If you want to lose weight: eat in a caloric deficit, hit your protein and let the carbs and fats fall where they may to maximize adherence. Most Important… View Article

Calorie Tracking Ranges
2017-09-10 by Landon Poburan

Using Calorie Tracking Ranges

Do you track? Tracking your caloric and/or macro’s can be a powerful tool, one that we advocate. When it comes to living flexibly there are a number of ways we can do things. Often people will track their macro’s (protein, carbs and fats) to follow their diet. But trying to hit these exactly can be very… View Article

Squat Technique Coaching
2017-09-04 by Dean Guedo

Perfection Before PR’s

Picture yourself right before you go for a heavy weight that you are attempting for the first time or something that you are not completely confident about. It is completely natural to be a little bit anxious; maybe a bit fearful…this is NORMAL! These are the sorts of situations where people tend to make mistakes;… View Article

Coconut Oil Health
2017-08-27 by Landon Poburan

Is Coconut Oil Healthy?

Coconut oil, is it worthy of the hype? Whether your cooking with it, bathing with it or eating it with a spoon I am here to give you the down low on this often highly touted food. What is Coconut Oil? Let’s start with the basics. Coconut Oil is an oil product derived from coconuts…. View Article

5 Foods To Avoid
2017-08-18 by Landon Poburan

5 Foods To Stop Eating Immediately

If you talk to 5 people you will get 5 different responses. Let me help you filter the noise. Here is a list of 5 foods you need to stop eating immediately. The One’s You Do not Like You can use this super useless acronym TOYDL, pronounced “toy-dull” if you ever forget. Next time your choking… View Article

Nutrition on the go
2017-08-14 by Landon Poburan

Nutrition On the Go – Tips and Tricks

It happened again… It is inevitably going to happen to you as well. On Saturday, we ran out of food. We are huge advocates for food prep, hacking your life and being prepared. But shit happens. We had prepped our food for the week but did not have enough to last us Saturday. We were going… View Article

Hack Your Weight Loss Success
2017-08-07 by Landon Poburan

Hack Your Weight Loss Success

If you are looking to succeed you must first create the environment that will allow you to succeed. I was discussing this with a good friend who is a successful author. We were discussing how our environment impacts our success and productivity. I think this is an extremely valuable strategy that most people are not… View Article

2017-07-26 by Landon Poburan

This is how I used to market myself…

Our industry is broken and I used to be part of the problem. When I first got into bodybuilding and personal training my physique was the primary way that I marketed myself. Essentially you’re telling people to give you money because you’re shredded (or got shredded). My tune has changed over the last few years… View Article

2017-06-07 by Landon Poburan

Patience is key, hard work is required

Everything good in life requires patience and hard work. It was April of 2016, Laura and myself were looking to purchase a Glute Ham Raise for L2 Fitness. We stood at Lucki’s staring at a brand new Atlantis GHR with white paint and slate upholstery. They had just brought this in for a customer and brought… View Article

Annual L2 Fitness Summit 2017
2017-04-24 by Landon Poburan

Big Things Happening

As many of you know, big things are happening at L2. Our team is expanding with our newest trainer Dean Guedo, and we are well underway in a massive expansion! Our current studio is 1684 sqf and our new facility will be a whopping 5913 sqf! Yes, 3.5x the size! We are extremely excited. We will… View Article

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