Lose Weight And Travel
2018-02-23 by Landon Poburan

How To Maintain or Lose Weight While Traveling

Travel and vacation are two of the most common barriers to weight loss success. Why is that? Change in routine. Many of us are solid when we have our structured routine with our pre-planned meals but when we are thrown a curve ball it’s like pulling the bottom block when playing jenga, everything falls apart…. View Article

Breathe For Strength
2018-02-22 by Dean Guedo

Breathe for Strength

When we think of strength training we generally don’t usually associate breathe as a key part to the equation to being “strong.” Well I am here to tell you that the yogis got in right, breathing does in fact play one of the most important roles in being able to train safe, train efficiently, and… View Article

L2 Fitness Summit
2018-02-19 by Landon Poburan

2018 L2 Fitness Summit

The wait is finally over… The official launch is here for the 2018 L2 Fitness Summit! We are very excited to officially launch our 2018 Summit. It has been hard keeping everything under wraps for the last few months during the planning process. Everything has come together nicely. All of the speakers are locked in and… View Article

Self Love
2018-02-03 by Laura Poburan

Social Media’s Influence on Self-Love

Self-love. It sounds like it’s sprinkled with unicorn dust and rainbow sparkles doesn’t it? Well, in my humble opinion I think this world could use a LOT more of it. Social media is ruining the perceptions we have about ourselves. We scan through our favorite fitness accounts and instantly judge ourselves against the arms, legs,… View Article

Nutrition Eat At Home
2018-02-01 by Landon Poburan

Your Guide When To Eat At Home and When Not Too

Learning to cook can be one of the single most positive changes you can make on your weight loss journey. But I would argue there are times when you are better off going out. When To Stay In and Cook In a recent article I wrote about a single restaurant swap can save you over… View Article

2018-01-29 by Laura Poburan

The Reason Why Willpower is Bullshit

Don’t get me wrong, willpower is great…when you have lots of it. The problem lies in the fact that just about all of us live extremely busy hectic nuts-o lives that drains our willpower by the minute. Every stressor in your life pulls from that willpower tank, until there’s none left to fuel your well-intentioned… View Article

Restaurant Swaps for Weight Loss
2018-01-26 by Landon Poburan

Restaurants Swaps Are The Key To Sustainable Weight Loss

Ever struggled to stay on track with your weight loss plan when eating at restaurants?  Yes? This is for you. Simple and easy meal swaps at restaurants are the key to sustained and long term weight loss. You Eat Out More Than You Think This is a very common barrier. Let’s think of all of the… View Article

Weight Loss Tribe
2018-01-21 by Laura Poburan

The Power of Community & Weight Loss

Here’s the thing, we are all literally in this together. Navigating nutrition is hard. Losing weight and keeping it off – hard. Figuring out what approach is going to be right for you, sticking to it every week, standing back up after you fall, not getting frustrated or impatient, refraining from throwing the scale through… View Article

2018-01-14 by Laura Poburan

Shifting your Mindset to Accelerate your Results

Your mind is powerful. Your body achieves what the mind believes blah blah blah. There are so many phrases like this out there. Cliché, but they’re actually very, very true. Something that is built in to all of my nutrition coaching strategy sessions is what you are doing daily to benefit your mindset around food… View Article

2018-01-08 by Laura Poburan

War-Planning for Resolution Success

Depending on whose fitness and nutrition advice you choose to listen to, you will definitely be getting different inputs and perspectives about what you should be doing to best set your new year’s goals and “finally achieve” that elusive weight loss. The thing is, no one is actually right or wrong in what they are… View Article

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