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Anthony Harder

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I believe that education is the single most important service that I can provide to all my clients. I want to help each and every one of my clients become confident and independent movers. If my clients understand which movements are important to their success, and develop the requisite movement literacy, then independence can be achieved.

From a young age I played every sport that was accessible. I started training at the age of 12 for multiple different sports; soccer, boxing and most notably hockey. I always enjoyed training and having a coach myself. I understood how valuable having a teacher was in the development of movement literacy. Unfortunately, I succumbed to multiple injuries due to early over-specialization. Even though I had great coaches there was something missing from my training. That lead me into the world of rehabilitation and strength training. I immersed myself into the research and began to develop my own training methods and have not looked back since.

These days I am focused on educating both clients, athletes and fitness professionals on the best training methods to optimize individual performance. I have come to understand that each person has individual physical and psychological differences and their training program should reflect that. Planning for these variations will lead to a successful training program. Through educating each individual on the “why” of training, we can hopefully develop training autonomy and a lifetime of healthy movement.