About Us

It all began as a small idea while we sipped our pina coladas lying on the beaches of Mexico.

At the time it felt like only a dream, something out of reach, an immense undertaking. Consuming our thoughts was how much bigger our impact could be on the lives of others, how all we wanted was to be in a position to help as many people as possible, and what we wanted that future to look like.

We took a leap of faith

We went on to build a family around the L2 Fitness name, a community that supports and challenges each other to be better, and a growing team of people whose genuine passion is to help others realize their true potential.

We take our role in your health and fitness journey very seriously.

We are honoured that we are the ones who get to challenge you to push yourself further than what you ever thought you were capable of. That we are the one’s who get to instill into you all the knowledge you will need to continue to push your limits long after we are gone out of your life.


We don’t want to be your coaches forever.

That may sound strange to say, but we want you to learn so much during your time working with us that you feel like you can live the rest of your life knowing that you have all the tools you need to reach any new goal you set for yourself.


We want you to start to challenge all of the mainstream weight loss tactics and to question the fads of today.

We want you get excited about being able to lift more weight than you did the week before, to celebrate your off-scale successes as much as you do your on-scale ones, and to recognize that you get to be human and don’t need to be perfect to be able to reach your goals.

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