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5 Minute Shoulder Burnout For Massive Shoulders

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Just like you, I am trying to grow the biggest set of shoulders that I can.

This has got me thinking… What can we do to build the shoulders more effectively. We know we’ve got all the basic principles down pat but is there something else we could be doing?

Bret Contreras (inventor of the Hip Thrust) came to mind. We have studied his work and applied it with great success at L2 Fitness. He specializes in training the glutes and adds in banded glute burnouts at the end of training sessions for his clients.

What if we tried to apply this to training the shoulders? The shoulders like high volume, and the shoulders can often be trained at a higher frequency. I’ve decided this is an experiment that I am going to test out.

5 Minute Shoulder Burnout

1. Banded Front Raise
2. Banded Lateral Raise
3. Banded Skiers
4. Banded Upright Row
5. Banded Facepull
6. Banded Upper Back Rows

Protocol For Beginners

If you are a beginner I would suggest by starting out with performing 1 round of 10-15 reps of each exercise.

Advanced Protocol

Work up to performing each for 30-45 seconds for a massive shoulder pump.

Adjust tension of band as needed.


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