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35 Landmine Exercises with the Viking Press Attachment

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The landmine is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can find in a gym. You can perform an entire full body workout with this one piece of equipment. The landmine allows you to perform exercises like the squat, deadlift, presses, rows, core training and explosive power movements without even having to adjust the weight.

The Viking Press attachment is very affordable at only $99. This attachment allows you the ability to hold on to the landmine with both arms and the handles rotate giving you the ability to perform exercises like cleans with ease.

Here are 35 exercises you can perform, most of which can be performed with or without the Viking Press attachment as well! The Alternating Single Arm Shoulder Press is one of my favorite shoulder press variations and these core lateral rotations absolutely crush your core.

Create Your Own Workout

If your feeling crafty you can quickly create a landmine complex workout with 3 easy steps:

  • Pick 4-5 of the exercises from the list
  • Perform 10-12 repetitions of each
  • Perform 3 rounds (resting as needed between each round)

35 Landmine Exercises

1. Deadlift
2. Romanian deadlift
3. Single leg deadlift
4. Kickstand romanian deadlift
5. Single leg romanian deadlift
6. Squat
7. Front squat
8. Overhead squat
9. Paused squat
10. 1.5 Rep squats
11. Kneeling squat
12. Jump squat
13. Split squat
14. Reverse lunge
15. Curtsey lunge
16. Lateral lunge
17. Lateral lunge holds
18. Clean
19. Hang Clean
20. Clean and press
21. Push press
22. Split jerk
23. Shoulder press
24. Tall kneeling shoulder press
25. ½ Kneeling shoulder press
26. Shoulder press plus
27. Alternating single arm shoulder press
28. Floor press
29. Bent over row
30. Reverse bent over row
31. Upper back row
32. Shrug
33. Overhead shrug
34. Core lateral rotations
35. Tall kneeling lateral rotation
36. ½ Kneeling lateral rotation [BONUS]

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