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2018 L2 Fitness Summit

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The wait is finally over… The official launch is here for the 2018 L2 Fitness Summit!

We are very excited to officially launch our 2018 Summit. It has been hard keeping everything under wraps for the last few months during the planning process. Everything has come together nicely. All of the speakers are locked in and the venue has been secured.

2018 L2 Fitness Summit

I feel this is not only going to be the greatest nutrition conference to come to Edmonton, AB but possibly one of the best speaker line-ups to come to Canada. I may be slightly biased, but so what?

September 2017 marked our inaugural L2 Fitness Summit where we hosted Dr. Mike Israetel and Dean Somerset for an amazing 2-day event at L2 Fitness. Based on the amazing response from our 2017 Summit we’ve pulled out all of the stops for our 2018 Summit. If you are interested in checking our the 2017 Summit you can check it out here.

What Can You Expect At The 2018 L2 Fitness Summit?

The L2 Fitness Summit will be a truly a one-of-a-kind event hosted in Edmonton, AB. My wife and I have attended a lot of conferences around North America that have been jam packed with speakers. Sometimes upwards of 20 or more within a weekend. While the speaker line-ups are a massive draw this can leave you with listening to upwards of 20 short 45 minute presentations over the course of a weekend.

We think there is a better way.

Rather then listening to a lot of speakers for a short period of time where they can only begin to skim the surface we want to provide you a small handful of experts with a lot of time to dive deep in the subjects that matter the most to you.

If you are ready to take your nutrition business and knowledge to the next level this is the summit for you.

No more information overload and confusion, the L2 Fitness Summit is here and it’s time to create momentum.

The 2018 Summit’s theme is Nutrition. From physique and sport applications, behavior and psychology, clinical and dispelling common myths and the latest research this summit will provide value to all personal trainers, nutritionists and health professionals alike.

Who Will Be Speaking?

The 2018 summit will feature: Alan AragonEric HelmsSohee Lee, and Dr. Spencer Nadolsky.

Day 1: Eric Helms and Dr. Spencer Nadolsky

Day 2: Sohee Lee and Alan Aragon

When Will It Be?

September 29-30, 2018 in Edmonton, AB

Where Will It Be Hosted?

Days 1 & 2 of the summit will take place at the Hyatt Place West Edmonton in Edmonton, AB Canada.

Hyatt Place West Edmonton
18004 100 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB T5S 2T6

Purchase Tickets

You can purchase tickets and learn more about the Summit by visiting: https://www.l2fitnesssummit.com/

Early bird tickets are limited and will be available till June 1, 2018 or till they are sold out.

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