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Shifting your Mindset to Accelerate your Results

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Your mind is powerful.

Your body achieves what the mind believes blah blah blah.

There are so many phrases like this out there. Cliché, but they’re actually very, very true.

Something that is built in to all of my nutrition coaching strategy sessions is what you are doing daily to benefit your mindset around food and around your own body image. Before we dive in, let’s first do some reflecting:

  • How do you talk to yourself? What are the thoughts that most often consume your mind
  • When you don’t see the progress you thought you would, where does your mind go?
  • Do you celebrate the little successes you experience every week or will you only feel worthy of this when you reach your end goal?
  • When you eat something you probably shouldn’t have, do you beat yourself up about it?

These are all moments where your mindset can either serve you or pull you back into the place you’re trying to get out of.

How, then, do you get out of a mental funk and move towards a more positive headspace?

Strategy One: Re-framing

We have thousands of decisions to make a day, and sometimes we mess up. Cool man, congratulations you’re a human. But when this happens, what we do next is critical. Try reframing the negative.

Here’s what I mean:

“Oh no! Something negative happened that could potentially derail me! What ever should I do!”

  1. What is the problem?
  2. Why is it positive?
  3. What is the lesson?
  4. Apply your lesson to how you interact with food and with yourself and how will course correct for next week.

By taking the time to remove the emotion from the situation and think critically about what has happened, what you can learn from it and how to apply that lesson to your life you can avoid falling into a negative headspace and actually turn a negative into a positive.

Strategy Two: Your Daily Ritual

Set time aside in your day where you can sit quietly with yourself for 10 to 15 minutes. This might be in the morning before you start your busy day, or in the evening when you are winding down after work.

In this time you are going to reflect and write down:

  1. 3 things you are grateful for
  2. 3 things you are looking forward to (today or tomorrow depending on when you’re doing this)
  3. 3 small victories you had that day (or yesterday if you are doing this in the morning)

This may feel small, but the impact it can have on your perspective and your headspace can be huge. The caveat is that you must make this non-negotiable. If you do this “whenever you have the time” then you never will. Simple as that.

If you’d like to take this one step further, try downloading a Meditation App that you can begin experimenting with.

Meditation has been studied and proven to improve our parasympathetic state. In other words it can help us create an inner space and clarity that allows us to feel in control regardless of our external circumstances.

Ultimately, meditation can improve concentration, reduce stress, and increase self-awareness, happiness and acceptance. All of these are foundational pieces to making good decisions and increasing the positivity and kindness we show ourselves daily.

A few of my favorite apps are: Headspace, Calm, The Simple Habit, Meditation & Relaxation: Guided Meditation

Wouldn’t it be nice to like yourself? Didn’t your mama teach you only to treat others how you’d like to be treated? Well then why do you treat yourself like garbage and expect others to treat you well?

A big piece of working towards weight loss goals is actually also working towards self-acceptance and self-love at the same time. These are not mutually exclusive, but rather mutually beneficial.

What’s the point of losing all that weight if you still don’t like yourself when you get there?

On January 29th join us for 6 Weeks to Love Yourself Naked and challenge yourself to achieve your goals from the inside – out.

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